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Sip on to your cup of excellence and get insights into how Microsoft Azure meets the growing needs of your customers’ business. Drop by to gain insights into Microsoft’s Cloud offerings that can help you brew more profitability and meet customer needs better.

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Did you miss out on some of the interesting conversations at the cafe? Savour insights from experts to get up-to-speed.

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Enjoy crisp 2-3 minute role-play videos to understand various selling scenarios and customer objections. Explore scenarios on productivity, mobility and scalability to make a winning pitch.

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Quick sales pitches, customer presentations, role-play videos, cheat sheets and sales guide... we have it all here in Cloud Café to help you crack a winning deal.

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Leverage this "go to" reference online guide for quick answers, talking points, and selling tips on Microsoft products, programs, services, and licensing plus information on Microsoft competition.